Our services

Birthday parties

For us it’s important that the party fully meets the wishes and dreams of the birthday kid, to create together an unforgettable personalized event.

For companies

Who said that a business event must be boring and too formal? Bring the children with you and leave the formal dinner aside, we will take care of entertaining the little ones.


Play is one of the main ways in which children learn. It helps build self-esteem by giving a child a sense of his or her own abilities. Participation in arts and craft activities can have a positive effect on social and emotional development.

Wedding and cerimonies

If you are planning a wedding, the little ones don’t have to stay at home anymore. Our wedding sitters will provide all the tricks of the trade to entertain each child for as little or as long as you’d like.

What they say about us

Imagine a world where your children can develop their fantasies, imagine sharing with them every joy of discovering, watching them grow by building, playing and at the same time learning, with eyes full of wonder. Also for you parents, imagine yourself, because imagination is a gift that each of us has within ourselves, and maybe you will also be able to see The Pie in the Sky.