Parties and birthday parties

For us it is very important that the party best reflects the passions and wishes of the celebrated. We in fact, like to meet parents and children to create together an unforgettable and personalized event, in which every detail reveals the personality of the child. In this way, every party will be special, unique in its kind.

For this reason, over the years, we have organized very different themed events in order to propose new ideas, learning how to always add a little more magic. Depending on your age, there are many solutions that can make your ideal party.

Parties for the little ones (1-3 years)

Our animators are highly qualified, with long time experience in dealing with kids, they propose activities involving movement, parties with puppets, balloons, music and much more!

Tubs of colored balls and fun routes also with psychomotor material stimulate children and make them experience fun.

Parties for children from 4 to 7 years old

At this age the attention of the children is really great, they are curious and fascinated more than ever by what surrounds them. That’s why we suggest you to impress their imagination choosing among our attractive ideas: entertaining and interactive magic shows; classic parties enriched by games, music, baby dance or balloon sculptures; “beauty party” (parties that become real beauty salons); garden party (outdoors in private gardens or public parks) ; painting and theatre parties, pajama party; theme parties including musicals, Frozen, Superheroes, Winx, Pirates and much more!

Parties for children from 7 to 10 years old

For children between 7 and 10 years we offer many parties to have fun with their friends including: musical party to sing and dance on the notes of their favorite soundtrack; pajama party with themed decorations (Circus, Paw Patrol, Frozen, Dinosaurs, Pop, Miraculous or football), Karaoke Dance to the rhythm of music; lets climb, party quiz (to answer a real interactive quiz, like those on television); team games and treasure hunts; creativity workshops for a party outside the box that stimulates imagination and much more …

Parties for teenagers

period of adolescence is undoubtedly one of the most surprising of our life, which brings with it a whole new way of having fun with friends, new dreams and new interests. Therefore, we thought of a party dedicated entirely to events for teenagers! Among our proposals: party escape room (a game of escape from a mysterious room full of riddles and riddles); fluo party with face painter, bracelets and fluorescent necklaces, animation and stage effects, all to the rhythm of music; beauty party to spend with friends with makeup, gadgets, nail art, fashion show … And more theme parties: Halloween and Carnival in which to show off creative and colorful costumes; disco party with magics in which the classic magician turns into an entertainer that mixes music, magic and fun; karaoke parties, quiz parties and all that fantasy brings with it!


Let’s not forget the unique eighteen!! the birthday party that par excellence, must be unforgettable! Eighteen is an age of discovery that has to be celebrated with surprises and emotions in an unforgettable adventure party in the company of friends and relatives, according to different personalities and passions. It is a time of change in which one is no longer a child on the outside but has no stopped dreaming either.

Parties with creative workshop

Often a situation of playing and enjoyment is the best opportunity to receive new stimuli and get excited about new activities. Among our proposals you can find workshops and shows that involve the participation of children in an active and engaging way.

Show and Chinese shadow workshop

Among the perceptions that we already have as a child in a clear way, the appeal of light / shade contrast is certainly very strong. It is something that has been experienced since birth and it is beautiful, growing up, learning how to play it and testing yourself to find out how you can … Interact! In the end all children, before sleeping, play with light projecting the figures on the wall with their hands; it is a discovery that fascinates them and entertains them. So, in the Chinese shadow laboratory, during a magic show our expert, already collaborator of Rai1, holding his breath and entertaining the young spectators with surprises and exhilarating gags, will teach them how to get the most fun shapes using the shadows.

Little cooks

How many times at home have your children, seeing you cook, ask to take an active part and prepare excellent dishes with you? It is part of growing up, their desire to imitate the actions of adults and to carry out activities with their parents. Furthermore, the kitchen has a creative and fun-filled component, and at the same time requires precision and concentration. In the workshop we offer you, the children will be welcomed to a kitchen atelier and, helped by the cook, will prepare the snack and the birthday cake that they will all eat together. There will be a booklet with the recipes, the diploma of participation and the hat of the little chefs!

Creativity workshop

An opportunity for every child to build with their hands an object that will remain a memory, using recycled materials and natural elements. A workshop to allow children to develop creativity, contact with nature and educate them to recycle and enhance the arts.

…. And also artistic workshop of magic, creative snacks for little ones, ornamental flowers and much more!