Our services

Consultancy and research location

Part of our job is also finding the perfect environment to develop the theme of the party, the space with all the necessary features to be able to have fun, run and play freely. Whether it’s a garden party or a painting workshop, or whether it’s a party for the little ones rather than an enchanted eighteenth … We’ll take care of it!

Location settings

Once you have identified the perfect location, we’ll proceed with the set-up to turn fantasy into reality, preparing an evocative place that will leave you speechless. From timeless balloons to the most creative atmospheres, for example the pajama theme. Trust us, and magic is guaranteed.

Buffet and personalized cake

With such a name, did you believe we could have overlooked such an important detail as the cake? Tasty snacks and colorful buffets will accompany your parties and, according to your taste, we will find the perfect cake! Because, let’s face it, a party without cake is like a cake without cherries.

Photographic services

Once you have experienced the event you desired so much, you will want to bring your beautiful memories with you! That is why we offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our photographers, to capture all the laughs and unique moments. You can also organize real photo shoots for the pleasure of hanging them up or giving them as gift beautiful professional family photos or children’s photos (but hurry up, they grow so fast!).


It’s always nice to give a friend a personalized gadget, a special little gift that will serve as a souvenir. It can be themed with the party, with the name of the guest or the celebrated, be a useful object, like a pencil or an eraser or … Eatable, like candy and chocolates! Therefore, this is also a blank canvas that we will help you to paint with a colorful imagination!


Who has never wanted to be covered with a cascade of gifts or sweets? It is the famous game of the pot, also known as “pinata”! We will take care of preparing it and filling it with colorful surprises, to amaze the lucky one who will be able to break it.